The History of our Company
In the 1960s while working full time at a chemical company in Calvert City, Kentucky, Bill Schroeder spent his spare time buying and selling rare coins, silver, gold, limited edition prints, and other collectibles that were popular at the time. When the coin market weakened in 1964, he sold his coin business and focused his attention on old canning jars. In order to buy and sell these jars, he placed ads in the classified sections of various farm publications. These ads simply stated, “We buy & sell old fruit jars. Send $1.00 for complete list. Refundable on first transaction. Schroeder’s, Rt. 4, Paducah, KY.”
Bill found out early on that these homemakers weren’t interested in buying jars or even selling the jars that had been passed down for generations. They were interested, however, in knowing the value of these heirlooms. In 1969, Bill began to compile a small booklet entitled “1,000 Fruit Jars with Current Values,” an easy-to-use guide that contained rather crude line drawings found on the sides of the jars. The booklet contained information relative to size, color, variation, closures, and of course, value.

Fast forward to 1974 and it was apparent that Bill Schroeder, and wife Meredith, had found a niche that Schroeder Publishing filled and that following this dream required their full-time devotion to the company. Bill resigned his day job and a division of the company called Collector Books was formed.

Out of their efforts the “Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide,” published annually by Collector Books, became an antique industry “must have.” To this day, the SAPG’s release is anticipated by collectors world wide.

In 1983, Bill and Meredith became interested in quilts and their makers. After attending a quilt show in Paducah and later the National Quilting Association show in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, they decided that they would bring further attention to the extraordinary works of art that today’s quiltmakers were creating. Out of their interest, the American Quilter’s Society was born.

In the summer of 1990, ground was broken for the construction of The Museum of the American Quilter’s Society, fondly dubbed MAQS by quilters the world over.

The Future
Schroeder Publishing, as you can see, has been integral in developing a community of collectors and artisans by publishing book titles on collecting and quiltmaking. The future of Schroeder Publishing looks promising, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t. The collecting industry will continue to grow with people always starting to collect new and unusual items. They will always want to know more and more about their hobby. Plus, we feel we have assembled the best authors and co-workers in the industries of both collecting and quilting.