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Glenn Ralston

Glenn Ralston began collecting Zanesville Stoneware in 1976 because of the pleasing color tones and the comfortable masculine heft. This led to him searching flea markets in the Northeast for "ancient" motion picture incidentals for the then-to-be American Museum of the Moving Image.

Jon Rans

Jon Rans, native Hoosier, artist, musician, author, and conservator/restorer, has many books published on various American art potteries and related subjects. He has worked as a professional photographer and enjoys collecting and researching little-known Arts and Crafts potteries. Ceramics restoration is his field of expertise and he is currently head of the Art Pottery Restoration Department of the New Orleans Conservation Guild.

R C Raycraft

R. Craig Raycraft is a graduate of Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. His reality based television series Protect and Serve was shown on The Learning Channel and UPN networks. Raycraft's documentary film The Incident at Kickapoo Creek has been critically praised. He created the initial website for music legends, the Eagles, and worked with band member Joe Walsh. Travel with the Office of International Criminal Justice has taken him to Cuba, China, Tibet, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia.

Don Raycraft

Don Raycraft has written more than fifty books about American antiques with wife Carol Raycraft. Dr. Raycraft is a retired educator and owns and manages, with his wife, a large and successful antiques and collectibles show, the 3rd Sunday Market, in Bloomington, Illinois, from May to October.

Robert Reed

Robert and Claudette Reed have produced several books on antiques and collectibles over the years with particular focus on advertising and paper collectibles. Together they operate Antique and Collectibles News Service which provides illustrated articles to publications in the United States, Canada and Australia. They reside in Knightstown, Indiana.

David E Richter

After returning home from serving for the U.S. Army in Germany in 1965, David Richter discovered one small Tootsietoy CJ3 army jeep in an old desk drawer. Realizing this was the sole survivor from his childhood, he wanted to gather more toys and start a collection of America's first diecast toys. Thirty-nine years later at age 60, he still enjoys this popular hobby of collecting Tootsietoys.

Brenda Roberts

Brenda Roberts has been an antique collector since 1970, and in 1974 she focused her attention on The Hull Pottery Company of Crooksville, Ohio. Her collection numbers over 1,600 items and is one of the largest Hull collections in the country.

Jackie Robertson

Jackie Robertson was born in Idaho, in 1934. While growing up, she played with Nancy Ann Storybook dolls and enjoyed designing and making dresses for them. She attended college in Berkeley, California, where she met and married her husband. While their children were growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, she discovered that the dolls she had played with during her childhood had become quite collectible. She joined a local doll club, Doll Keepers of California, and has served as treasurer for eight years and is currently serving a second term as vice president. Today her collection of original factory dressed bisque Nancy Ann Storybook dolls numbers over a thousand dolls. She also collects the 18" Style Show dolls, along with Muffie and Debbie, Miss Nancy Ann, Little Miss, vinyl Sue Sue, and a few of the sleep eye/painted eye plastic Nancy Ann dolls. Jackie's interest has always been in the variety of fabrics used by the factory in costuming these little dolls. Her need to identify each doll with photographs that could then be shared with various other collectors can now be appreciated by all who will read and enjoy this book.

Julie Pelletier Robinson

Julie Pelletier Robinson, plastics historian, lives in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She has written and lectured extensively on the subject of early plastics and was involved in the making of the A&E Modern Marvels documentary, "The History of Plastics." Julie is the co-author of the book Celluloid - A Collector's Reference and Value Guide. She currently works repairing celluloid toys at her studio in Upper Jay and may be reached by email at:

Margaret Lynn Rosack

Margaret Lynn Rosack has been collecting trivets for 30 years, and has been the Trivet Worthologist for Worthpoint since August, 2008. She has authored two books on the subject for Collector Books: The A-Z Guide to Collecting Trivets (2004) and The Expanded A-Z Guide To Collecting Trivets (2010).
Her collection is constantly evolving as she purchases new trivets and stands to research. Currently she displays over 450 more unusual examples from the 1830s to 1980s in her home. Among her current favorites are antique wireware trivets and pressing iron stands; Jenny Lind trivets, which date from the Swedish Nightingale's American concert tour in 1850-1852; and early cast iron American trivets (many with Pennsylvania Dutch symbolism) dating to the early 1800s.

Here is a quote from her book: "Let me try and describe my fascination for trivets! They have so many appealing attributes. Most obvious would be their beauty of form. Then, there is the feel of the metal itself: strong, substantial, and enduring. And, ultimately, is the curiosity of wondering who previously owned the trivet ... how old it is ... where it has been ... and how it was used."

You can contact Lynn at P.O. Box 196697, Winter Springs, Florida 32719 or by email at Be sure to visit her website All About Trivets (containing her ongoing Blog, Trivetology) at: Web site:

Web site:

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